Complete Physique

Detailed and complete program that will train every aspect of your physique. 


Lat pull down machine, Barbell, Cable machine, Dumbbell, Leg press machine, Leg extension machine, Bench press, Pull up bar, Exercise ball, Dipping bars, Weight plate, Bench

Complete Physique PRO

Looking to pack on some muscle mass and really define and sculpt your body?


Barbell, Barbell frame, Benches (flat, decline, incline), Box, Cable crossover, Cardio machine of your choice, D-Grip attachment, Dip Bars/Dip Station, Dumbbells, EZ Bar, Hack Squat Machine, Hamstring Curl Machine, Leg press Machine, Mat, Plate (kettlebell), Preacher Bench, Rotary Calf Machine, Seated Calf Raise Machine, Smith Machine, Standing Calf Raise Machine, Swiss Ball

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