This plan requires minimal equipment and exactly what you need to get in shape from the confort of your own home. 


Yoga mat, Exercise ball, Exercise bands

Kickstart your fitness journey!


Yoga mat, Dumbbells, Barbell, Kettlebell, Treadmill, Weight plate, Stair treadmill, Gym bench

The exact guidance you need to get started in the gym! 


Barbell, Leg press machine, Box, Lat pulldown machine, Cable machine, Dumbbells, EZ bar, Pull up bar, V-bar, Abdominal bench, Exercise ball, Weight plate, EX cable, Seated calf machine

Work your full body with more advanced exercises, reps and set to get you in top shape! 


Barbell, Box, Dumbbells, Seated calf machine, Leg press machine, Lat pulldown machine, Cable machine, Pull up bar, Exercise ball, Weight plate, Abdominal bench, EZ bar, EX cable

All my favourite exercises that will help you tone and sculpt your body with intense cardio added! 


Leg extension machine, Dumbbells, Barbell, Box, Cable machine, Pull up bar, EZ Bar, Exercise ball, Leg press machine, Bench, Weight plate, Lat pull down machine, Power rack, EX cable, Treadmill, Kettlebell

Tone, lift and sculpt that booty! 


Dumbbells, Bench, Cable Machine, Leg Machine, EZ Bar, Long Bar, Short Bar, Smith Machine, Kettlebell, Leg Press Machine, Swiss Ball

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