Fitplan users are now able to connect with friends and other Fitplan users in the new community feed.  The benefits of the community enables you to connect with friends, Fitplan trainers, ask questions, and share your workouts/videos. 

How do I edit my feed profile?

To edit your profile feed, you can click on the profile tab then tap on the top right group icon.  From there, you should be able to edit your photo, display name and bio.

How do I follow/unfollow an athlete's feed?

Right when you start a Fitplan with a specific trainer, you are automatically following their feed.  To control which feed you want to follow, you can click on the settings gear on the top left and toggle/untoggle the feeds. 

How do I post on the feed?

To the post on the feed, make sure you go on the Feed tab and click on the green plus button.  You can post photos or videos so you can share your workouts.  If you want to post to a specific feed, go ahead and click on the athlete's tab and tap on the green plus icon.

Feed Tabs 

We have new feeds which gives us the ability to take our community conversations into the app. Here you can interact with other Fitplan members and even your trainers! The feeds are:

  1. Q&A - A place to ask questions about Fitplan and fitness in general

  2. Nutrition - Have any questions about what to eat (or just want to post pictures of your food?) This is the place!

  3. Form Check - Not sure you are doing an exercise right? Ask your form questions here!

  4. Physique - Want tips on how to look a certain way? This is the place to post pictures and questions.

  5. Bug Finders - Post any bugs you find in the app here and we will be there to fix them in no time.

This is the beginning of really expanding our Fitplan community! 

How to add my friends?

We are still working on improving this feature.  The only way to add your friends at the moment is to find their post on the Global Feed -> click on their avatar photo -> and tap on "Add Friend."  

You can also click on your Profile Tab -> Click on the people icon on the top, Public Profile -> Friends -> and there is a list of suggested friends you can add.  Keep a look out for future updates on this.

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