You can now workout with your watch without your iPhone in your hand!  We recommend to use either your watch OR iPhone when working out to record accurate data. For more information on how to download Fitplan on your Apple watch, please go here. Here are some of the basic tutorials on how to use Fitplan effectively on the Apple Watch.

How to start working on the Apple Watch?

 To start working out on your watch, make sure to start a plan on your iPhone.  You can check by going to the profile tab and see if there is a plan under "Current Plan."

How to complete a workout?

  1. Tap on the day that you want to workout on your watch

  2. Tap on one of the exercises

  3. It will take you to a screen that shows the sets and reps information of that particular exercise

  4. Tap anywhere on the screen to start the exercise.  You can change the weights and reps by tapping on the numbers

  5. Tap on the grey circle to complete that set

  6. Once you are done with all the sets, the app will automatically switch to the next exercise.  

If you want to change the exercise, you can swipe left of the screen (video 00:43 seconds) and you will see a list icon that will take you back to the exercise list.  

In order to complete the exercise accurately, you do have to complete all the sets in that particular exercise.  For example, if you want to do one set for Squats and do a set for Deadlifts, then go back to Squats to do your second set, the reps will not be recorded. 

Note* make sure to do the last exercise last, because the watch will automatically end your workout after you complete the last exercise. 

After you completed your workout, the data should be recorded on your calendar tab in your app.  Please make sure you are running the latest iOS and watchOS in order for the functionality to work seamlessly.  

Workouts marked complete

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