The new Hands-Free Experience make it more seamless when working out! You can now have workouts automatically play for you so you can follow along with the trainer. Here are the following workout plans that has this feature:

Hands-Free Fitplans:
Ab Challenge
Dannibelle - Tone & Shred at Home

Sami Clarke - Total Body Challenge
Sami Clarke - Body Glow
Dasha Gaivoronski - Fit in 15
Lauren Findley - At Home Athlete
Lauren Findley - Bodyweight HIIT at Home
Hattie Boydle - Home Aesthetics
Damien Patrick - Lean Body at Home
Cam Speck - Bodyweight Burner Max
Michelle Lewin - Home Workout
Kyla Ritchie -TRAIN at Home
Jump Rope Dudes

How To Start A Hands-Free Workout

1. Download The Workout

You can start the following Hands-Free Workout by starting any of the plans above. In order for the workouts to play automatically, you will have to download the workout day using a strong WiFi connection. If the workout does not automatically download, please make sure your phone is on WiFi and not cellular data. If your workout does not have the Hands-Free feature, then the workouts did not download completely. Here is a video to show how to download the workouts:

2. Starting A Workout

  • After the downloading is completed, please tap on "Start Workout." The Hands-Free workout should begin.

  • 0:39 - If you need more time to look at the videos, user can pause their workout by tapping on the pause icon. This will stop the timer. Tap "Continue," to go back to your workout

  • 0:54 - To go to the next workout, click on the forward arrow button.

  • In between exercises, you will have a 10 second rest period to help transition to the next exercise.

  • 1:14 - If you want to see the exercise list view for the day, you can tap on the text
    "2 / 35 exercises," at the top right.

Rest Timer

  • There will be a rest timer at the end of every circuit. You can't adjust the rest timer but you have the option to skip or pause if you need extra time.

3. Ending A Workout

  • After your last exercise is completed, the app will lead you to an exercise list view. If everything is greyed out, it means that you have completed all the exercises.

  • Tap on "End Workout," for it to mark as complete!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you!

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