The new Home tab redesign, previously named Discover, gives users the ability to do numerous tasks such as multiple plans at once, viewing workout history, trending plans, and much more!

Search Workouts Bar

If you want to do a specific exercise, you can now search for all the exercises associated with that word. For example, if you want to see the list of all the "ab," exercises in Fitplan, just type in "abs," and a list of exercises will show up. You can do the exercise even though you are not subscribed to that plan.

Continue Training Section

Here you will see a list of all the plans you are currently on. This way, users can now do multiple plans at once more seamlessly. The percentage completed and the next workout day is shown.

Featured Plans Section
Users can see all the new plans that just got released.

Trending Plans Section

Want to know what are the popular plans at the moment? This section will display the top plans other Fitplan users are doing.

Bookmarked Section

Here is a list of all the bookmark workouts. You can redo the workouts anytime on here, but it will not be recorded onto your calendar. For more information on how to bookmark your workouts, please visit here.

Recommended Section

Based on the questions you answered on the onboarding, here are some recommended plans for you.

Your Trainers Section

If you want to know more about your trainers or what other Fitplans they have, users can click on the thumbnails to know more information about them.

Workout History Section

You can now see your workout history list, including current and past Fitplans. Easily redo any of the workouts on here by clicking on the thumbnail.

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