Yes we do! Make sure you check out Mealplan by Fitplan available on the Apple App Store.  Use Mealplan to create your own plan, track calories, and prep new recipes to match your fitness goals.

Soon, we will have Mealplan available for Android users. We haven't forgotten about you! 💪😉

We also encourage you to join the Fitplan Facebook Group where you will be able to find nutrition guides from our influencers such as: Jen Selter, Jen Heward, Rob Riches and Mike O´Hearn. Remember you can always ask questions and share meal plan tips and information with other community members. 

You can also access our influencers nutrition guides through here

If you have any specific questions about diet and nutrition please don't hesitate to reach out via the chat icon in the lower right corner of this article or send an email to

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