What are the different Fitplan subscription options?

Fitplan has four different subscription options: Free, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. More details on the subscriptions can be found here.

Can I do more than one Fitplan at a time?

On iOS yes! We are working on the Android version. More information on that can be found here.

My status says Inactive but I paid for my subscription.

There are three things you can try to fix this issue. Step by step instructions can be found here

I would like to Restart my Current Fitplan

If for any reason you need to restart you Fitplan. Steps to reseting your Fitplan can be found here.

How often are new Fitplans added?

Fitplan adds 1-2 new plans every month.

I have a suggestion for a feature for the app.

Great! Please share your suggestions and feedback with us via email community@fitplanapp.com.

How do I change, update or manage my subscription?

You must manage your subscription via the same method you used to subscribe. More information can be found here.

I have a question that isn't answered here

The Fitplan team is happy to help answer any questions you might have!

  • If you need help choosing a Fitplan just send a message via the chat icon in the top right corner or send an email to support@fitplanapp.com

  • If it is a technical question about the app, reporting a bug or an issue send an email to support@fitplanapp.com

  • If it is a question about a workout, a specific exercise, nutrition etc. you can send a message via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page or send an email to support@fitplanapp.com and we also highly encourage you to post those questions in our Fitplan Facebook Group.

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