Does your account status appear as "Inactive"? 

First of all double check if your most recent payment to Fitplan was successful. Check if you have received a receipt from Apple/iTunes, Google Play or Fitplan.

If your payment was successful, and your account still appear as inactive, then there's three possible ways you can solve this:

Option 1

  1. Log out of your account

  2. Close the app

  3. Log back in

Option 2

  1. Delete Fitplan

  2. Re-download it

Option 3:

iOS Only-

Did you create your Fitplan account using "Sign In With Apple" -> Hide Email? This creates a brand new account with a proxy email that Apple gives you. Try logging in this way and see if you can access your plans.

Option 4:

  1. "Restore Purchase" in the settings section of the app

  2. Log out

  3. Close the app

  4. Log back in

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